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Visitors enjoying a bespoke whisky tasting
The Glasgow Malt Whisky Company
Whisky Bottles set up for a bespoke whisky tasting

We offer a wide range of whisky tastings throughout the year from our "in shop" distillery tastings where we offer a selection of whiskies from a specific distillery with a discount on any bottles purchased at the event, to our full sit-down "whisky classes" which we can tailor to suit your individual requirements and location.

Signature Single Malt Tasting - £35

This tasting comprises of six single malts from the various whisky regions.We look at where the different flavours and aromas come from and highlight the differences with different cask finishes, cask strength whisky and non-chill filtered whiskies.

This is a great tasting for a person who is newer to whisky and wants to expand their knowledge, or the more experienced whisky drinker who wants to take their enjoyment to a different level.

Cask Strength Whisky Tasting - £45

This tasting is along a similar line to our signature tasting but with every whisky bottled at cask strength. You decide how you want to drink it, full strength or reduced with a little water and explore the differences.

A great tasting for someone who wants to try something a bit more exciting.

Premium & Single Cask Whisky Tasting - £65

Similar in style and substance to our classic tasting but with the emphasis on limited edition and rare single cask releases.

This tasting lifts you up a level with whiskies that you may never have tasted before nor are you likely to taste again, some releases will be of less than 300 bottles.

A tasting for someone who wants to spoil themselves.

Aged Single Malt Tasting - £79

Six single malts from around Scotland with a minimum age of 18 years old.

An opportunity to taste some amazing whiskies the have been slowly maturing in specially selected oak casks for a least 18 years!

Whisky maturation and blending are a combination of science, experience, and the sacred art of the master blender.

This tasting will look at six different malts and the effect of at least 18 years in quality oak casks and the amazing whiskies they produce.

We taste whiskies that have been matured in different types of casks, in different regions and savour the work of the master blenders at their best – This is a tasting to write home about!

Quarter Century Tasting - Aged Single Malt Tasting - £159

The Quarter Century tasting brings together six single malts from around Scotland that will average out at over 25 years old.

This is a unique opportunity to taste some exceptional single malt whisky. These drams have been maturing in handpicked oak casks for more than two decades.

With single malts that carry a significant age statement the cask selection is the most important flavour factor, only the finest casks are chosen and managed to the higher age range.This tasting is as good as it gets!

Scottish Premium Gin Tasting - £32

With the increase in quality gins being produced, the Scottish gin scene is riding on the crest of a wave.

Gins from all over Scotland, including Glasgow, Shetland, the Borders, and the Hebrides are being manufactured by experienced and dedicated producers.

This tasting takes a similar format to our whisky tastings with six gins being showcased explaining the subtle differences, botanicals, and recommended garnishes.

We always provide tonic and garnishes to allow you to taste the gin both neat and properly dressed.

All the tasting sessions last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. All the tastings are hosted by our knowledgeable staff who are happy to take questions and give advice about whisky and gin.

Should you have any questions please get in touch or drop into our store at 33 Ayr Street, Troon.